Multi-Finger Effector

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Robotic hand with a shoulder and wrist joint capable of picking up baseball-sized objects.

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FEA of an Auxiliary Bracket Attachment
Spring 2022

Auxiliary bracket for an aircraft that maximized strength-to-weight ratio.

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Travel Desk Organizer
Spring 2022

Travel desk organizer that is capable of holding three objects securely.

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Automated Soap Dispenser
Spring 2020

Built an automated soap dispenser using Arduino that activates using motion-sensing.

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R&D Intern
Summer 2023
  • Redesigned multiple signature products using Siemens NX to understand DFM and learned how to cost-efficiently design products to prepare them for injection molding.
  • Conducted preliminary research on a possible new product and presented my conclusions to my supervisor.
  • Developed preliminary product design schematics and researched their potential integration with existing products.
  • Collaboratively partook in the assembly and disassembly of the overhead power distributor product alongside other engineers.
  • Designed a cooling strategy for our product, which included an initial cooling system schematic, then employed ANSYS for steady-state thermal analysis to ensure its effectiveness

About Me

I've always been passionate about exploring and understanding the natural world around me, a curiosity that has driven me throughout my life. During school, I’ve always enjoyed classes where I faced problems that had at least some degree of ambiguity because I enjoyed the process of trying to figure out how to approach the problem, from start to finish. These were some of the motivators that led me to obtain my bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. Now, as I stand at the beginning of my career, I'm on the lookout for an opportunity where I can not only refine my skills but also work alongside a team of talented professionals on complex engineering projects.